Atkins Diet: Can I eat this on Induction?

Atkins Diet: Can I eat this on Induction?

Atkins Rules of Induction

Atkins Diet Induction Acceptable Foods List

This video is about the number one question I have received about the Atkins Diet. It’s not about Induction Flu or fatigue during the first 3-5 days on the Diet. It is the oft-received question regarding “Is this food allowed on Induction?” While I am honored to be viewed as an expert and helpful to get them to be as successful as I was, the question concerns me that the questioner sometimes have not read the the Rules of Induction (or reviewed the Acceptable Foods List (

Without this knowledge, the likelihood of success is that much decreased. As much as I would like to personally ensure everyone’s success, the fact is I can’t be in the grocery store shopping with you or in the restaurant ordering with you. That is the reason for the above lists. You can print both of these lists and take the print outs with you wherever you need them.

Here’s to making each of you as successful as you can be.
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